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Tools to Help Promote Your Web Site

This page provides information about the following types of tools to help you promote (and operate) your Web site:

General Tools to Help With Search Engines

  • - provides tools for an auto responder to customers, monitor to see if other web pages (e.g., your competitor's) Web page have changed, schedule and automate the submitting and re-submitting of your sites to the search engines, and secure order forms. Recommended by Dan Janal, Internet Marketing Specialist.
  • The Web Robot Pages - Web Robots are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Some people call them Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator - enter a Web page address and the Search Engine Spider Simulator shows you how the Web page appears to a search engine. This display can help you understand how a search engine indexes your pages.
  • Google Toolbar - installs on your computer; provides search capability such as: search only the pages of the site you're visiting; see Google's ranking of the current page, access more information about a page including similar pages, pages that link back to that page, as well as a cached snapshot; highlight your search terms as they appear on the page (each word in its own color); find your search terms wherever they appear on the page.
  • - contains lots of helpful information and some tools. 

Tools to Help Optimize Your Keywords

  • Wordtracker - you can pay for use of an online application to monitor and select potential keywords for your Web site; also has a very good article on keywords.  Recommended by Brent Winters, owner of WebPosition tool for search engine tracking. Danny Sullivan wrote an excellent article on Wordtracker (you must be a Search Engine Watch subscriber to access the page).
  • Suggestion Tool - Allows you to assess the popularity of keywords. Using the tool allows you to find valuable glimpses into actual keyword query frequencies that you might have overlooked. It is probably safe to assume that the query frequencies are similar to other search engines. NOTE: Enter only a single word to get the most popular multi-word phrases containing that term.
  • WordSpot - provides tools to identify actual keywords and keyphrases that people are using.
  • Lexical FreeNet - provides an online thesaurus which can help you select keywords for your Web pages.
  • SearchSpell Typo - for finding the misspellings that people use for keywords.

Link Popularity Tools

The following tools allow you to assess your site's link popularity as well as enhance the links into your site.

  • - With their free online tool, you can see who links to your web site. This service provides an easy one-click method of checking link popularity on three of the major search engines. They also provide a free monthly customized Link Popularity Report via e-mail.
  • - Searches MSN, AltaVista, Lycos, and HotBot to determine how many pages on the Internet contain links to your site. Operated by
  • Zeus product, by - Claims to help in gathering and exchanging links. If you visit the site, there is an "Information Link" which provides a description of how the product works. IHR has not used this product and does not endorse the product, but we do want to mention it as a possible tool to help you manage and speed up the link exchange process.
  • Marketleap - has a tool for assessing your site's link popularity by querying All The Web, Alta Vista, AOL, Google, HotBot, and MSN.)
  • ARELIS Reciprocal Links Solution - from Axandra software company, this software helps set up link exchanges.
  • If you are doing a link campaign, it helps to know when sites have added links that you requested. The following sites offer tools to help you track when Web pages change:

Domain Name Tools

The following sites allow users to register a list of Domain names to purchase when they expire. Currently a user has to continually monitor the expired names for availability to the public, so these tools will save time for users.

Pay-for-Placement tools (or Pay for Click - PFC)

  • Compare Your Clicks - free online service lets you enter a term, then see the going rate for the top five positions on several paid listing services. A great tool for doing some quick research.
  • - Click on "Keywords" in the top navigation bar to access JimTools Pay per click monitoring tool. With the GoTo Keyword Wizard, you can enter a keyword (best), or a keyphrase, and the Wizard will do the following: a) return a list of the most popular searches relative to that keyword (a la Search Term Suggestion Tool), b) displays the top 30 listings, with bids, for that keyword, and c) show the top 30 bidded listings for all the other search terms it found relevant to the one you entered, and tells you how many searches were done on those terms last month in GoTo. Very handy tool.


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