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Additional Promotion Tips

This page provides a list of additional promotion tips.

  • Monitor online infertility newsgroups or bulletin boards, and if a question is posed that your business can answer, post an answer.

  • Place a "signature" (i.e., text that gets inserted into the end of each of your emails) in all your emails which includes: your company name, contact information, Web site address (URL), and perhaps a short phrase about your business. This is an effective way of promoting your business to targeted Internet newsgroups or bulletin boards, while respecting "netiquette". 

  • Include your Web site URL on all your promotional material, brochures, advertising,  signs, business cards, letterhead, fax coversheets, order forms, invoices, etc. 

  • When participating in special events and trade shows, make your URL a prominent feature on all your signs. Consider having a computer with your Website saved to disc, so you can promote it at your display.

  • Make sure all employees know about your Web site and its address so they can guide current and future clients to it. 

  • Send a press release, containing your Web site URL, to the appropriate target media.

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