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Submitting Your Site to Yahoo

Yahoo is the most important Web directory, so make sure that you register your site with Yahoo. This page describes some steps in how to do this, as well as some tips. 

Introductory Tips for Your Yahoo submissions

  • A typical infertility clinic, which provides a local service, will need to submit to the Yahoo!  Get Local section. Typically Yahoo will only allow a national organization with national services or information to list in the Home > Health > Reproductive Health >Infertility section.
  • Although Yahoo does not guarantee they will list your web site, if you carefully follow their online instructions, you'll increase your chances of being listed.  

Do the following before you actually begin your Yahoo submission

  1. Write a Title for your site.  Typically Yahoo wishes the title to be the name of your organization. It is ideal if your organization's name contains one or more infertility keywords. That will help get your site into more search results.
  2. Write a high quality 25-word (200 characters maximum) description, which you will use when you make your Web site submission. Here are some tips:
    • Your description should be filled with keywords which you wish to be found with, such as "infertility" or "male fertility".
    • You do not need to include the clinic city, since Yahoo will supply that information.
    • The description is very important. Yahoo will use the description to determine whether your site will be returned in user queries.
  3. Decide whether you wish to submit your site via either:
    • standard site suggestion process - a review by Yahoo editors which can take weeks. Use this feature if you wish to save money and can wait.
    • Yahoo!'s Business Express program - a guaranteed site review within 7 business days for a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $199.00 USD. Yahoo states that "payment does not automatically guarantee inclusion in the directory, site placement, or site commentary." Advantages: a) faster review, and b) if your site submission is rejected, you will be told why it was rejected.
  4. Review the Yahoo submission guidelines on Yahoo - How to Suggest Your Site, to get a sense of the process.
  5. Review the Yahoo - Finding an Appropriate Category page. 

Steps for your Yahoo submission

  1. Access the Yahoo!  Get Local section.
  2. Now, use the following steps to drill down to the page where you want your site to be listed. Note that if you live in a smaller town, there may be less steps to drill down to the bottom. Do this:
    • click on your state
    • click on "Cities" (don't click on State Web Directory items, since those are state level)
    • find your city and click on it
    • click on "Health"
    • click on "Clinics and Practices"
    • click on "Reproductive" 
    • click on "Infertility"
    • when you get to the bottom, you should see other nearby infertility clinics. This is where you will do your submission.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Suggest a Site."
  4. Review the "Suggest a Site" page and click on the "Proceed to Step One" button.
  5. Now, you will need to select either, the "standard site suggestion process" or the "Yahoo!'s Business Express program".
  6. Continue following directions until the process is complete. That's it. Hope this works for you.


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