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Promoting Your Web Site in Infertility Directories

In addition to non-specialized Web directories, the Web also contains specialized infertility Web directories. Many of these directories allow infertility professionals to promote their Web sites on the infertility directory site. This Web page covers the following topics:

  • Advantages of using a specialized infertility directory
  • Criteria for selecting an infertility directory
  • List of specialized infertility directories
  • Additional tips

Advantages of using a specialized infertility directory

A specialized infertility directory offers the following advantages over a search engine or non-specialized directory:

  • It's easier for users to find an infertility clinic listing because the information is organized better and more selective than it is on a non-specialized search engine.
  • The process of getting listed is typically easier with an infertility directory than in a search engine or non-specialized directory.

Criteria for selecting an Infertility Directory

If you are paying for a listing, it is important to ask about the site traffic on the directory site. Specifically ask the following two important questions about the page where you will be listed:

  • "How many page views on this page?" - It does not matter if the site has 10,000,000 page views/month. What is important for your needs is to know the amount of traffic that comes to the page where your site will be listed.
  • "How much traffic do you typically send to your clients' Web sites?" Although, the page where your site is listed may be popular, you would also want to know potentially how much traffic it will send to your site.

IHR supplies the above information to our clients and potential clients.

List of Specialized Infertility Directories

Infertility Resources

Infertility Resources Web site has been on the Internet since 1995. This popular site is targeted for potential infertility patients and contains links to extensive infertility information. The site has Web pages where infertility professionals can purchase promotional listings.

The American Surrogacy Center

The American Surrogacy Center (or TASC) contains extensive information about surrogacy, as well as numerous message boards. Infertility organizations can purchase sponsorship links.


RESOLVE has a Web page where infertility organizations (e.g., drug companies or clinics) can purchase sponsorship links.

The Web site is targeted for infertility professionals (including physicians, embryologists, nurses, donor egg services, surrogacy services, and clinic office managers). The site contains a Web page where companies, which supply products and services to infertility professionals, can purchase links.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly review your Web statistics reports to see which Web sites are sending traffic to your Web site. If you don't have access to Web statistics reports discuss this with your Web site developer or the company that hosts your Web site. It is especially important to review the "Referrer" section if you're paying for web site promotion.

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