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Defining a Promotional Strategy

The first step in deciding how to do Internet promotion is to define a strategy. Following are some initial steps to do this.

  1. Access the Internet directory Yahoo and find the most appropriate category for your site, where your site might be listed. Tips:

    •  You can enter your keywords in Yahoo to see what directories appear.

    • If you sell a nationally-oriented product (e.g., lab equipment) or service (e.g., consulting to fertility clinics), make sure that you don't place your site in a regional category.  In Yahoo, the national listing is: Health/Reproduction/Infertility/

  2. After you find the appropriate category, study the keywords in the sites and record keywords that are appropriate for your site, which you may have omitted.

  3. Review search engines to see how other sites are listed. Enter keywords learned from step 1, that are related to your organization and see what sites are listed.

After you have gathered the appropriate directory categories and search engine keywords, you'll be ready to update your own pages with keywords.

Additional Information

Bruce Clay, LLC - Internet Business Consultants - The site offers an immense amount of information for building and promoting a Web site, often written in instructional format. Lots of helpful information.

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