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Acquiring Links to Your Site

If there are lots of Web sites that have links that point to your Web site, you will reap the following advantages:

  • Your Web site will probably receive some additional traffic from the external links.

  • Search engines will rank your Web site higher if it is popular (i.e., there are lots of other Web sites with links pointing to your Web site). Lots of links to your site will help make your site more "link popular".


  • Exchanging Links - The best way you can acquire links is to create a "link-worthy" site. A link-worthy site has lots of educational content which maximizes the possibility of another infertility site linking to your site. Another site is more likely to create links to your site if your site has educational pages, in addition to you service or product pages.
  •  Sign guestbooks on infertility Web sites, then submit the pages.
  • In Google (or other search engines), search on:

       "infertility" + "add url"

    This will find all pages with the keyword "infertility" plus the "add url" link.  Then you can add your page to their links.


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