Changing Your Email Password

Some email applications (e.g., Eudora) allow users to change their  password on the email server. This Eudora service is called "poppass".

Using the poppass service, you can automatically change your POP passwords from inside your  Eudora mail clients or other mail clients that support the Eudora password changing mechanism.

Do the following to use this feature in Eudora:

1) Click on Special / Change password, as below (this graphic is from Eudora Light version 3.0).

2) A small "Enter Password" window displays, as below.

3) Click on the drop down box and select the personality for which you wish to change the password. 
NOTE:  If you only have one Eudora personality, then Eudora does not display a drop down box.

4) Now enter the current password. Eudora re-displays the password window asking you to enter the new password, as below.

5) Click OK and Eudora changes your password on the mail server.


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