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Tips for Generating PDF Files


Many Web sites contain PDF files which are downloaded for viewing. PDF files, rather than a standard Web page, might be used in the following types of situations:

  • You might want to convert a document that has advanced formatting (e.g., a newsletter), which would be difficult to create on a Web page.
  • You might want to quickly convert a word processing (e.g., MS Word) document into a downloadable Web file.

Before you start converting your document to a PDF file, here are some tips on preparing your document for conversion:

  • Remove any headers and footers which have dynamically generated content (e.g., page numbers or dates). Headers and footers with static information, such as a title at the top of your pages), are OK.
  • Avoid using any unique or custom fonts that might only be on your computer. You will be safest if you use a common font such as Times New Roman or Ariel.
  • Carefully proof the source document to ensure it contains the correct formatting that you desire.
  • Some items placed inside a source document may not convert properly when you generate a PDF file. So, try to avoid using the following inside your source document:
    • inserted symbols that might not be on the computer that generates the PDF file
    • active hyperlinks to Web pages (this can be added after converting to a PDF file)
    • active mail links for emailing (this can be added after converting to a PDF file)


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