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Main Pages to Use for Your Infertility Web Site

For infertility organizations, and especially for infertility clinics, IHR recommends that you start with the following basic Web site pages and then add more Web pages as needed.

Basic Web Site for Infertility Service Providers

  1. Home page - Provide a logo and text which contains your important keywords (e.g., "infertility," "IVF," etc.).   Search engines use the Web page text (along with the Title and Meta tags) for ranking web site search results.

  2. History and philosophy

  3. Services - Provide descriptions of each of your services

  4. Staff - Provide descriptions of your key staff with photos of each member or a photo of all staff together. The photo provides a human touch.

  5. Contact Us - Provide location and contact Information such as address, telephone, fax, email, office hours, map, and directions.

  6. Disclaimer - Provide a disclaimer statement, such as the following: 
    "The information provided on this Web site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Visiting this Web site does not constitute establishment of a patient-physician relationship with a physician in this clinic. In order to establish such a patient-physician relationship, you must meet with one of the physicians.

Basic Web Site for Infertility Product Suppliers

  1. All the above items

  2. Product information, including:

    • advantages

    • descriptions

    • photos

    • (optional) online method for ordering the products

Enhanced Web Site

Start with the above basic Web pages, then add some of these pages. The following is primarily for infertility service providers, however some of the Web pages also apply to infertility product suppliers.

  1. Educational articles which could be helpful to patients and healthcare providers, including for example, an overview of treatments, male infertility, GIFT, Fertinex, infertility recommended reading list, and ICSI. These articles should not be specific to your clinic. The Infertility Resources Web site can provide links to your educational articles, thus increasing traffic to your site.

  2. Travel information - for infertility service providers, this information is particularly useful for out-of-town patients.  This information includes, for example:

    • nearby airports - how far from your office? how does someone get from the airport to your office?

    • lodging - what hotels/motels do you recommend?

    • sites of interest

  3. Research articles published by any of your key staff

  4. More detailed explanation of your services

  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about an infertility topic or your services/products

  6. Curriculum vitae, Resumes, or biographies of key medical staff

  7. Schedules of classes, seminars, or events that you offer

  8. Response form for users to request further information

  9. Newsletter - however, you may want to review Turn Newsletters into Educational Pages

  10. SART statistical results for infertility clinics

  11. Charges for services

  12. Financial services


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