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Obtaining Additional Material for Your Site

One way to enhance your Web site is to add additional material to your site.  This Web page lists sites that supply online photos, videos, and content.

Sites Supplying Online Photos and Clip Art

Here are Web sites where you can obtain online photos. Typically, there is charge for the photos.

Sites Supplying and Creating Online Videos and Animations

Sites Supplying Audio Clips

Sites Supplying Online Content (e.g., news)

  • iSyndicate
  • Screaming Media 
  • Blogger - allows you or others (e.g., a writer) to update your Web pages using Bloggers Web page submission forms.
  • - a partnership between LookSmart, which provides the search infrastructure, and the Gale Group, which provides the published editorial content. It contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals. TIP: Most articles are formatted to display in multiple page segments. Use the "print this article" link to display the full text in a single browser window.

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