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Adding Search to Your Web Site

This page contains access to information for adding a search function to your site.

General Information

  • Search Tools - You can add search to your site.  This site provides comprehensive listings of search tools, with introductory material, product news, and links to articles, resources and reviews. An excellent site.
  • SearchEngine Watch - Search Engine Software For Your Web Site - Search engine software can be used to index the information on your web site or Intranet, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. There are plenty of solutions, ranging from simple, free packages to feature-packed, high-end commercial products.  Here is a rundown on some of the many offerings from search engine software vendors.
  • SearchTools - Remote Search Hosting Services - An extensive list of remote hosting search services from site search maven Avi Rappoport.
  • The Atomz website search engine - Pandia takes a look at Atomz, a service that provides webmasters with a free website search engine.

Links suggested by Chris Sherman Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch

  • Atomz - Atomz Express Search offers free search for sites up to 500 pages.  The company also offers a Prime Search plan starting at $100 per year for sites up to 50 pages, with more expensive plans for larger sites, and Enterprise search with variable pricing for large-scale sites.
  • Mondo Search - Unlike the other hosted search services profiled here, Mondo Search only offers free search for a limited trial period.  However, Mondo Search offers some unique features such as multi-language support, categorization of results on the fly, and other capabilities that might be useful for some sites.
  • PicoSearch - PicoSearch offers free search for sites up to 1,500 pages, with unlimited searching. Also available are the Professional Plan for $199 per year for up to 3,000 pages, and the Premium Plan for $399 per year for up to 6,000 pages.
  • Sandy Bay - Sandy Bay offers a suite of what they call e-marketing products, including their "results engine," which is really a search engine.  Like Mondo Search, Sandy Bay offers free search for a limited trial period.  Pricing begins at $25 per month for 1,000 pages and 1,000 searches, and scales up for larger or more heavily trafficked sites.

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