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Adding Features to Your Web Site

This section contains access to the following features and functionality you can add to your Web site:

  • search tools

  • online forms

  • online surveys

  • weblogs

  • classified ads

  • news

  • email marketing

Search Tools

Online Forms

  • Matt's Script Archive - click on the "FormMail link"

  • IHR's online forms - IHR's hosting service provides forms which are very easy to set up and emails can be highly customized. Scroll down to the section that describes IHR's "Low cost, industrial strength email forms."

Online Surveys

  • Nobscot online interviews - allows Web site owners to set up free surveys, including the developers of WebExitTM Exit Interview Management System.

  • Zoomerang - IHR does not recommend using Zoomerang because they limit the number of respondents to their free surveys and the last page that a user sees after completing the survey is filled with their large bold advertisements. An obnoxious exit process.

  • Sparklit - provides Web polls for getting survey results on your site

  • Web Online Surveys - allows Web site owners to set up surveys, with charges based on the number of respondents.


Weblogs allow users to post information on a Web site by using their Web browser.

Classified Ads


  • BioNews - provides news stories in assisted reproduction and human genetics.

Email Marketing


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